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Up-to-date informations about Rasche`s Kartenspiele 4 (products)

All Mac users we recommend starting with MacOS 10.11 on Rasche`s Kartenspiele 4. There are many new features and an improved visual representation that makes a change useful. For details, see below.

  • Product information about Rasche`s Kartenspiele 4 (V4) can be found here: products
  • List of new features: new functions (New)
  • A current error list, open points, ... are available here: Fixes
  • Information on the privacy of the new V4 can be found here: Privacy policy
  • What do I have to do to transfer my club membership?   Please read

  • Here is our software for download: macOS 
    • 1. After downloading and unpacking, start the V4 and create your RaschID account so that you can play. ( How should I do that?
    • 2. For tasting, you will automatically be assigned a "... Light" version. You will randomly get one of 50 pre-mixed hands to play. 
    • 3. How do I buy new products?   Buy
    • 4. How to manage your purchased products, read here:   product activation



  • We are planning a trial for Win10 and iPad / iPhone in the next few months
  • If you have questions / suggestions, ... then write us an email to: premiumAbo@raschesserver.de

General information:

With this generation we rely on a new database (mySQL) with a new registration app and a new administration program. For this purpose, the entire surface has been rewritten and developed. The city of the story is completely gone, we try to improve many things and reduce the number of windows. In the future, for example, you will not need any serial numbers. Just let yourself be surprised. The V4 is a 64bit app on MacOS X

For Win10 users, I will soon try to provide a trial version. 

Due to the constant expansion of the function list, we decided to offer only a premium subscription. In any case, we will also offer buying versions. Read more here.

In the subscription are more exclusive features and levels available, which are not available in the purchase versions.

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Products: Skat Premium          Doppelkopf Premium             Schafkopf Premium

                 Skat 10 / 10 Pro     Doppelkopf 10 / 10 Pro          Schafkopf 10 / 10 Pro

                 Quick Skat 10          Quick Doppelkopf 10,            Quick Schafkopf 10

                                                  Doppelkopf Lehrgänge 

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