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Which new functions are available to you in the premium module compared to Rasche`s Kartenspiele 3.6?

  • The results list has been extended by many new information. For example, you can view the card distribution, the individual tricks and much more. There is now a beginner, club and expert mode.
  • You don’t have to remember the serial number anymore.
  • You will be automatically informed when a new version of us is available for download. Upon request, the download will start automatically and saved in you download folder.
  • All Doppelkopf courses by the author "Joachim Markwald" can still be used.
  • All users can activate a free light version of our card games. A waiting dialog at the end of a game is omitted here. The user gets randomly from 50 premixed boards (card distribution) presented a board to play. So it can happen quickly that you know the map distribution.
  • Played games, whose game number you know, can be subsequently replay on any computer. A limit on the number is planned, but not yet implemented.
  • Retina display on the Mac is supported.
  • The card slots on the screen are larger and are also available in a double resolution. 
  • The 3D background can now be put together individually. At Doko / Schafkopf / Bridge, over 100,000 different backgrounds are already possible. We plan to expand it.
  • The program size was reduced by various optimizations under macOS from 1.12 GB to the current 187.2 MB. The start of the program has also been considerably accelerated.
  • Doppelkopf: The user can now announce contra / re directly over the playing surface before he play the first card.
  • The presentation in the window of played cards has been improved. 
  • New sorting menu for Skat, Doppelkopf, Schafkopf and Bridge, with which you can have your own cards sorted according to the selected game type. So you can see more quickly whether the sheet distribution is better suited for the game. Especially beginners get easier access to the game.
  • All their registrations and purchases are automatically assigned to your user account. In it you determine yourself on which computer you want to play something. Replace your old computer so you can easily and quickly clear the unlock on your old computer and the license is available again. (Account anlegen
  • Dark Mode is supported in Mojave (OS 10.14) or higher.
  • Skat-Ramsch: The option "last trick gets skat" is built in.
  • The sound announcement has been optimized so that it can be played faster.

What's next?

  • Bridge function
  • Game strength comparison to the old software generations.

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