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A new era begins

Skat Premium Modul (Abo)

This product is the consequent further development of Rasche`s Skat 8 Premium. Our old club membership is fully integrated into this subscription system. All current club members can transfer their membership immediately (please read ).

We will provide you with newer functions / improvements over time. At this time (June 1st, 2019) the following functions are available:

  • includes 2 licenses
  • play according to the official rules of the DSkV and ISPA (old and new rules)
  • now resolutions with 1280px and more are supported. Mac: Retina display are fully supported.
  • intelligent play option, trestle rounds, "remaining cards safe" function, various Ramsch options
  • 6 different voices (3 women and 3 men)
  • 7 base card sheets with option for seniors, yellow / green distinction, international or French motif   
  • 8 fixed 3D and 9 2D backgrounds. You also have the option of specifying the room motif individually. You have various tables, landscapes, chairs, floors, ... to choose from. See picture on the right. 

Due to the constant expansion of the list of functions, we decided to offer only a subscription because the "purchase scope" will change constantly. With this subscription you have many exclusive functions and skill levels that will not be available in the purchase versions.

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